Joyce in Ireland 2013

Fun. Adventure. Discovery.



This will be one of the most exciting courses you’ve taken! We’ll use technology as no other course does!


So, up above is an image of JoyceWays, the iPhone app that I developed along with my Joyce classes and launched last summer. We’ll be using that app on our course, to guide us around Joyce’s Dublin.

And here’s a note on my current course, Digital Dubliners. The text that this class is producing right now, here in BC, is the one on the iPad that we’ll use over the summer.  It’ll make our reading hugely interactive and exciting. I can’t show you the iBook yet, but come talk to me and find out a lot. Here’s the course description:


Digital Dubliners and the Literary Future


We won’t be reading (or writing) tomorrow as we do today. Bring your critical, creative, writing, and visual expertise to bear on the future of Digital Humanities while developing skills for graduate school or the marketplace. This is a unique opportunity to construct, edit, and e-publish, for iPad, a critical edition of Joyce’s Dubliners incorporating sound, images, video, mapping and text. The data you’ll research, and your own critical essays and annotations will be published and sold on iBooks. With the methodological and conceptual issues encountered, we’ll interrogate the future of e-publishing, the book, and of the literary imagination. Edited and authored by you, the book will be called The Dubliner’s Guide for Students by Students. 

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