Joyce in Ireland 2013

Fun. Adventure. Discovery.


“The most fun course in the Study Abroad program”– Chas Stewart 2013



“Easily the best class I have taken at Boston College”

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I never thought James Joyce could be such fun!”

3 Credits, Fascinating Teaching. Exciting and Adventurous Activities. Super Accommodation. All in the friendliest country around….. Click on any of the tabs above to discover what’s in store for you this summer….. 



“Music, Nightlife, and Craic! It’s not like Boston. It’s like New York”

Bustling with young people from all over the world. There’s more than enough entertainment in Dublin’s fabulous daytime and bristling nightlife to keep you busy for the entire time. But we’ve organized a host of events to heighten your enjoyment….And because Boston College has its own premises and  full-time staff in Dublin, everything is guaranteed to run smoothly from the moment you land until you leave!



“We had more excitement in Galway than you can imagine!”

The most colorful city in Ireland. The gateway to the West, to Connemara and the Irish-speaking areas, it’ll give you an unforgettable experience of Irish life and tradition.  We’ll visit the world-famous Cliffs of Moher, overnight on Inishbofin Island off the Atlantic coast, and enjoy Cnoc Suain Cultural Retreat where you’ll learn to do Irish dancing, bodhrán-playing, and bread-making in the Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking) area!


“Class was riveting and engaging every day”

Dublin 2009

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“These are NOT the dorms in BC”

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“As a non-English major, I found this course surprisingly engaging and exciting. Professor Nugent gave me a true appreciation of Joyce.”

Professor Nugent did a phenomenal job teaching this class by leading thoughtful discussions. Many of us had no experience with critical reading skills like those we used here, and he helped each of us grow in a non-intimidating way that made class fun and very interesting….”

“The academic portion of my summer course was challenging in a good way; it was never out of my reach, but I absolutely engaged in hard thinking every day of the course. I was able to exercise different parts of my brain that I do not exercise in my Nursing courses and it was refreshing and informative. Professor Nugent was extremely open-minded and helpful and he kept me relaxed and open to everything he had to say.”

“Easily the best class I have taken at Boston College. I learned more than any other class at BC. Professor Nugent deserves to teach this class every summer as he truly is a Joycean scholar.”

“Each student gave an in-class presentation on a story. Each student prepared a site about a topic having to do with Irish culture in 1904. Great class discussion.”

“Analyzed James Joyce’s works (DublinersUlysses); gained an understanding and appreciation of the author whose works so few people attempt to read.”

“Class was riveting and engaging everyday. Assessments were tough, but fair. Overall workload was reasonable and all related perfectly to the material covered.”

Our professor was phenomenal; he knew so much about Joyce. I cannot imagine doing this program and getting as much out of it as I did without him as our professor.”

“Professor Nugent … has managed to include a very sizable chunk of contemporary literary theory which I personally find fascinating, and I think my peers do as well. The level of discussion has also been top-notch, which is the most surprising element, again because of the minority of English majors.”



What’s special about this course in Dublin?

One of  the most popular courses in BC’s Office of International Program offerings, this is now its third year. Professor Nugent, along with our people on the ground in Dublin, has designed a course that has received the very highest ratings from all who have taken part. It’s especially reassuring to parents that in Ireland Boston College has its own full-time staff to see to the smooth and safe operation of the course.

When does it take place?

The first three weeks in August.

Where is it mainly held?

You’ll be based in Dublin, the capital, a uniquely exciting city, a mecca for young people from all over the planet.

Only Dublin?

No, we’ll have a series of afternoon and day trips to counties Kildare, Meath, and Wicklow, to visit the 5,000 year old megalithic tombs at Newgrange, the seat of the High Kings of Ireland at Tara, the amazing Castle of Trim; we’ll visit a working Irish farm, the Guinness Brewery, the National Gallery and other centers of Irish life….

Any longer trips?

Yes, we’ll take one long weekend in the West of Ireland. We’ll be staying in youth hostels in the fabulous city of Galway and visiting the Aran Islands off the Atlantic coast.

How much learning?

The course covers a full semester of learning. You’ll be in our classroom in the heart of Dublin for about three hours each morning from 9.30 to 12.30, leaving you plenty of time for private study, shopping, and exploring.

Free to do what?

While you and your friends will have plenty of time to yourselves, we’ve also organized a series of group entertainments, sports events, cultural outings and nights out

Like what?

Visits to Dublin Castle, Irish folk music bars, and theatre. We’ll learn Gaelic football and hurling (!), visit museums and galleries, the Jameson Distillery,  and Malahide Castle;  we’ll have pizza nights, join the Dublin literary tour/pub crawl, enjoy the life of ordinary Irish people on Causie farm, spend an afternoon in a folk village….

Where will I be staying?

You’ll be housed in the very best accommodation at the National University of Ireland, in Belfield, Dublin.

Won’t it be really difficult? Joyce is impossible, right—and I’m not an English major?

No, the course is designed to be exciting and interactive. Much of it is based on EN309, a course Professor Nugent teaches at BC, which has been mapping out Joyce’s characters journeys through the streets of the city. Like them, we’ll be visiting Joyce’s haunts in the city, locations where the works are set, and where the real and imaginary characters lived, argued, laughed, and caroused.

Who will be looking after us on the ground?

The program coordinator, Professor Nugent himself, and the staff of BC Ireland. BC Ireland has its own headquarters in the heart of Dublin; its director, Professor Mike Cronin and Secretary, Ms Thea Gillen, have years of experience in the organization and control of courses such as this.

Does it count for credit? Towards my major? Minor?

Yes, 3 credits, and it counts for your English major and Irish Studies minor.

What’s the minimum GPA?

There is no minimum GPA requirement, and, while the course will appear on your transcript, it will not be factored into your BC GPA. For further details make sure to check the BC Summer Programs website.

Will I learn much?

Lots. It’s the equivalent of a one-semester course

Will it be fun?


Are there any grants available?

Yes, for BC grants, click here. Many students also finance their study from outside sources. One of the benefits of taking an August course is that you can, of course, work over the summer!

What does “rolling admissions basis” mean?

It means that you can apply anytime. Enrolment will be limited to fourteen students.

Where can I find out more?

Email or visit Professor Joe Nugent at 305 Connolly House


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