Joyce in Ireland 2013

Fun. Adventure. Discovery.


For English Majors and not-English majors! In the classroom and on the streets…..

We’ll meet for two to three hours every day in Boston College’s own beautiful headquarters in Dublin. From this magnificent 18th century building we’ll explore Joyce’s works.  And because we’ve just totally upgraded the media facilities in the building, we’ll be having even more film and visuals than in previous years.

But we don’t stay indoors–this is all about experiencing Joyce and his city on the ground, out in the open air. We’ll walk the streets he walked, see and hear the sights and sounds he and his characters knew.

Professor Nugent’s famous at Boston College for his innovative and exciting exploration of James Joyce. Check what previous year’s summer students say about his course:


  • As a non-English major, I found this course engaging and exciting. Professor Nugent gave me a true appreciation of Joyce.”
  • “Professor Nugent did a phenomenal job teaching this class by leading thoughtful discussions. Many of us had no experience with critical reading skills like those we used here, and he helped each of us grow in a non-intimidating way that made class fun and very interesting….”
  • The academic portion of my summer course was challenging in a good way; it was never out of my reach, but I absolutely engaged in hard thinking every day of the course. I was able to exercise different parts of my brain that I do not exercise in my Nursing courses and it was refreshing and informative. Professor Nugent was extremely open-minded and helpful and he kept me relaxed and open to everything he had to say.”
  • “Easily the best class I have taken at Boston College. I learned more than any other class at BC. Professor Nugent deserves to teach this class every summer as he truly is a Joycean scholar.”
  • “Each student gave an in-class presentation on a story. Each student prepared a site about a topic having to do with Irish culture in 1904. Great class discussion.”


  • “I never thought James Joyce could be fun! We analyzed his works (Dubliners, Ulysses); gained an understanding and appreciation of the author whose works so few people attempt to read.”
  • “Class was riveting and engaging everyday. Assessments were tough, but fair. Overall workload was reasonable and all related perfectly to the material covered.”
  • “Our professor was phenomenal; he knew so much about Joyce. I cannot imagine doing this program and getting as much out of it as I did without him as our professor.”
  • “Professor Nugent … has managed to include a very sizable chunk of contemporary literary theory which I find fascinating, and I think my peers do as well. The level of discussion has also been top-notch, which is the most surprising element, again because of the minority of English majors.”

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